Lisa Bower Courtney

Your Name: Lisa Bower Courtney

Position running for: Library Board of Trustees 

Age: 62

Occupation/career details:

Retired librarian 


My husband and I have a blended family of 5 children, 1 grandchild and another on the way.  

Education/skills/experience/pertinent credentials: 

Over 40 years of library experience with 26 of those years at the Terryville Public Library.  

Volunteer or public service experience:

I have volunteered with the Jahana Hayes campaign as well as the Plymouth Food Pantry. My work as a Reference Librarian involved many opportunities for public service. 

Why are you a great candidate for this position, right now? What’s your mission in running for this position?

As a past employee, and now as an active library patron, I can bring a unique experience to the position.  

Brief Overview/Introduction: 

After I retired last year, I was fortunate enough to be appointed to fill a vacancy on the library board. And I’m excited to now be running for a full term. 

Even though I’ve only lived in Plymouth for 30 years, it is my community and this one way I can make it even better. 

What’s your favorite place to visit in town? What do you like to do there? Or: What spot in town do you feel holds the most promise and how would you like to help make it all it can be?

The library, of course! The first place I checked out before moving to town and the place I continue to look to for support and for my social, creative and educational needs. 

What do you feel is the top issue or challenge facing town right now that you’ll be able to impact if you win election, and what are your thoughts to move it forward? (Think about what your board has an influence on.)

I feel the town needs a library that is fully staffed and open hours that will make the library accessible to everyone. The library is not fully staffed nor are the hours of operation back to what they were before budget cuts in 2018.  

What do you want to accomplish during your time on the library board? How will you know you’ve succeeded?

In addition to ensuring the library has a full staff and open hours, I will continue to work hard to support and encourage the growth of one of our community’s treasures.

Is there anything else you think is important to mention about yourself to the voters? 

 Whenever and wherever I may be, you will find me spreading the message that every single person in any given community can and will benefit from their local library. 

End it on a high note! In summary, what’s the most important piece of info about yourself voters should take with them to the voting booth?

I’ve always enjoyed matching people with what they need or want.  That may mean connecting the neighbor who needs a tree cut down with the neighbor who has a small tree cutting business, or finding the perfect supportive gift for someone who is having troubles or just showing a friend that the library can help her find the best microwave by looking at the library’s Consumer Reports online subscription.