Brett Festa

Your Name:

Brett Festa

Position running for: 

Town Council



Occupation/career details:

Chef/ Deli Manager


Mother- Sandra

Brothers- Jeff, Aaron

Education/skills/experience/pertinent credentials: 

Graduate of Johnson & Wale University, Associates in applied science 

Management for 6 years

Goal oriented/ Driven


Volunteer or public service experience: Town of Plymouth Constable

Why are you a great candidate for this position, right now? What’s your mission in running for this position?

I was raised, grew up and have lived in Terryville/Plymouth my entire life. I have seen things in this town come and go. I’ve witnessed missed opportunities for the town to move forward. I’m running to ensure the town thrives for all residents young and old, to bring back places in town people can enjoy and for community.

What’s your favorite place to visit in town? What do you like to do there? Or: What spot in town do you feel holds the most promise and how would you like to help make it all it can be?

Festa Forest Trails… I go relax n reflect… it calms me. The trails however are narrow and could use an upgrade, I feel with that upgrade the trails would be used more. Example – Scoville Reservoir in Wolcott. Doing some research on it with pricing and labor or volunteering my time and effort to help with the upgrade.

What do you feel is the top issue or challenge facing town right now that you’ll be able to impact if you win election, and what are your thoughts to move it forward? (What your board has an influence on.)

Economic relief for the towns people, i.e. new business, land development. Try to bring in new business. Partner with other local municipalities to lighten the burden

What is a second issue facing town right now that you’ll be able to impact if you win

Roads in town are awful and need to be fixed or replaced,  but needs to be done with cost effectiveness. 

What do you want to accomplish during your time on the ____________ board? How will you know you’ve succeeded?

 Like to accomplish securing new businesses bring some economic relief to towns people, clean up some of the blight in town.

Is there anything else you think is important to mention about yourself to the voters? 

 I’m an opened minded individual who speaks his truths, honest to a fault, very understanding. I’m humble, respectful to all.