Sally J. Barnes


Name:  Sally J. Barnes

Position:  Constable

Age:  61 years young

Occupation/Career details:  I started out my employment career as a Legal Secretary and after 15 years I moved on to an Administrative Assistant.

Education/Skills/Experience/Credentials:  I was working as a legal secretary before I graduated High School.  I have all the necessary secretarial skills set that I garnered through my work history and as a Certified Moderator/Head Moderator for the Town of Plymouth and the State of Connecticut. 

Volunteer/Public Service Experience:  I was secretary for the Terryville Fire Department for several years, a member of the PVAC Board of Directors for several years and over twenty years experience working in conjunction with the Registrar of Voters starting as a Checker and quickly advancing to a Certified Moderator/Head Moderator for the Town of Plymouth and the State of Connecticut.

Brief Overview/Introduction:  I am a lifelong resident of Terryville and have been at the same address my whole life.  My Father’s Aunt and Uncle built the house beginning in 1891. I have very long roots in this Town.

Anything else important to mention to the Voters?:  I come from a long line of family on both my Fathers and Mothers side that lived and worked in Town and believed in service and giving back to others, our Town and our Country.  Both of my parents were very involved in our Town and our Church in numerous ways until the day they died.  

In Summary:  I have learned from and followed in my parents and relatives footsteps.  As a lifelong resident and through my many years of work in the Registrar’s Office, I am familiar with all areas of Town and the people therein that it would be my privilege to serve if elected to the position of Constable.