Patrick A. Perugino, Sr.


Your Name:

Patrick Perugino Sr.


Position running for: 

Board of Education


Occupation/career details:

Retired Safety Director General Motors Bristol, CT Plant



Wife – Roxanne

Daughter- Diana

Son – Patrick II


Education/skills/experience/pertinent credentials: 

High School Grad – G.M. Supervisor Training

Health & Safety Credentials

OSHA Credentials


Volunteer or public service experience:

Terryville Fire Department Captain

Board of Fire Commissioners – Chairman

Board of Education – Chairman

175th Town Anniversary Parade Chairman


Why are you a great candidate for this position, right now? What’s your mission in running for this position?

I have served 15 on the Board of education, I only missed 1 meeting during that time.

As Chairman, we returned money back to the Town.


Brief Overview/Introduction: 

I have served on the CABE Convention Committee, spent 20 years in supervision.


What do you feel is the top issue or challenge facing town right now that you’ll be able to impact if you win election, and what are your thoughts to move it forward? (Think about what your board has an influence on.)

Making sure that our students and staff have the proper tools & equipment to support a better system to move forward.


What do you want to accomplish during your time on the ___Board of Ed_________ board? How will you know you’ve succeeded?

Ensure that our students have the proper tools to further their education whether it be going to college or learning a trade.


Is there anything else you think is important to mention about yourself to the voters? 

I keep a open mind and will speak my piece when needed.


End it on a high note! In summary, what’s the most important piece of info about yourself voters should take with them to the voting booth?

I have the experience to do the job.