Alesia M. LeDuc

Your Name: Alesia LeDuc

Position running for: Library Board of Trustees

Age: 69        (I will be 70 in September, 2021)

Occupation/career details:  Retired Graphic Designer

Family:  I have two children, both educators, and four grandchildren.

Education/skills/experience/pertinent credentials:

Tunxis Community College – A.A. Accounting, Phi Theta Kappa Society

Nine years experience in Cartography, Thirty plus years experience in Graphic Design

Why are you a great candidate for this position, right now? What’s your mission in running for this position? 

As an avid book lover and an advocate for lifelong learning, I see our library as a repository containing a wealth of resources which can inspire patrons young, old and in-between to learn, grow, hope, and dream. I would be proud to be an integral part of supporting, promoting, and planning the future of our local gem, the Terryville Public Library.

Brief Overview/Introduction:

I was born and raised in Bristol, and lived in Twentynine Palms, CA, where my children were born and in Reston, VA before returning to CT in 1975. In 1977 I moved to Terryville where I raised my children and have resided ever since. Now in retirement I would like to contribute to our community, and see working to support and promote the Terryville Public Library as a natural fit.

What’s your favorite place to visit in town? What do you like to do there? Or: What spot in town do you feel holds the most promise and how would you like to help make it all it can be? 

Terryville Public Library is my favorite place to visit! I never leave without having learned something new, and that is exhilarating!!

What do you feel is the top issue or challenge facing town right now that you’ll be able to impact if you win election, and what are your thoughts to move it forward? (Think about what your board has an influence on.) 

A top issue is funding the library to ensure that it is staffed adequately allowing for a return to Saturday hours, which is critically important for many of our residents, especially families with children.

What do you want to accomplish during your time on the library board? How will you know you’ve succeeded? 

When I see positive changes and additional materials or programs that we’ve supported and promoted for the library as a team I will feel that we’ve succeeded.

End it on a high note! In summary, what’s the most important piece of info about yourself voters should take with them to the voting booth? 

Personally I am conscientious, detail oriented, creative, enthusiastic, and a team player with a passion for new challenges.