Todd Brodeur




Age 54

AA English/Journalism Degree in 2000


Your credentials and experience (professional and as a community volunteer; things that contribute to you as a candidate)

Member of the Plymouth DTC for 3 years

Constable for 2 years


Your history in town (#of years, maybe if you lived or worked or went to school somewhere interesting in town)

Moved to Terryville 13 years ago, originally from Waterbury


What issues you think are important

Economic development


Your favorite place in town

Lake Winfield.  It’s a pleasant, safe place to visit alone or with a family.


“Why I am a great candidate for this position, right now”

I am looking to contribute more to this community.  My family and I have received the benefits of living and going to school here for a long time.  I feel serving on the town council would be a very direct way to do good in this town.

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